WEA meeting in Thailand: I am not there

I was supposed to be in Thailand this week for the Mission Commission meetings with World Evangelical Alliance. The WEA meet up every 6 years for a general assembly so its a really big deal. But I can’t make it and will be in Scotland this week, if anyone there is wondering where I am.

In 2001, in Malaysia, I gave a presentation on the emerging church movement at the Great Commission Roundtable which was an interesting mixture of WEA, Lausanne, and the AD2000 movement which was coming to a close. I spoke about what was happening in the Western world (the Americas, Europe and Australia/NZ) while my friend Donny from Indonesia shared from a non-western perspective. I also played a video from our Epicenter event in Austin to show the more visual/aesthetic side of the worship and practice.

Great people. Really. Is anybody blogging the mission commission meetings?

Related: The Theological Commission of the WEA is also meeting in Thailand and Dr Darrell Bock (who had some recent thoughts on emerging church) blogged about their statement on holistic ministry. Its interesting that the books cited at the end of the statement are almost all mission books – which just shows the incredible amount of crossover from mission into other areas of church life and thought.

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