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Bible across America started this week. Zondervan are letting people write out the Bible in their own handwriting for a special edition of the NIV. The route they are taking around USA is quite similar to what we did ten years ago in our Winnebago. Hope they do well!

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Steve Taylor (EmergentKiwi) on why he is still emergent

Shapevine relaunches with a new look and plenty of online classes.

– Filmmaker David Di Sabatino [of Lonnie Frisbee fame] is showing a pre-screening of FALLEN ANGEL: The OUTLAW LARRY NORMAN at Wheaton College on Thursday, October 16th, 2008

– GEM hosts a virtual prayer walk for Europe on Oct 23rd.

Impact the Nation Oct 9-11 in UK and its now FREE!


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  • Simon says:

    from what I hear the Larry Norman film isnt particularly ‘kind’ to his memory.

  • Hey,
    Loved Larry’s stuff. —- thanks for the heads up…… wondering how accurate the history will be… ummm and i did comment on Emergentkiwi site… it was a really good read…. smiled a lot in the reading. Tony sounded a bit defensive- but my response is more on how i’ve been wrestling with it all as well….
    blessings bro.
    xo K8

  • Steven says:

    Hm, I’m at Wheaton College and hadn’t heard about that. Maybe I’ll check it out.
    Also, I think the Bible Across America thing is interesting. I was gonna ask if anyone’s ever tried to market a handwritten Bible before, and then I remembered the history of the whole printing press thing…

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