I dont need a new Mac

I know tomorrow’s launch of the new Mac and Macbook Pro will have a lot of people ooohhing and aaahhhing but the fact is, my Mac is still rocking after nearly 2 years and I dont intend to replace it. Even if I had the money to do it. Unless there was a spectacular reason to do so.

Macrumors suggests that a new port will be available on the Macbook Pro. But the rumor that interests me the most is the release of a potential docking station. Lets wait and see.

Imacdock 300


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  • Chris says:

    Well, you know that according to recent studies bigger screens make you more productive:
    Sounds like a “spectacular reason” to me 🙂

  • + Alan says:

    OH, we’re talkin’ about “need”? What the heck? I’m writing this comment so I don’t “neeeeed” one either. Most importantly, I can’t afford a new one. Maybe next year. My PowerBook G4 (15″) is 2 2/3 years old – rounding on ancient for a computer, but it’s running fine. I’ve upgraded the RAM, battery, new power cord. It’s at it’s limit. Next year it would be nice to get a new one – we’ll see. It’ll be cool to see what’s happening tomorrow though.

  • rob says:

    Just bought a new 2.4 MacBook. In case you wanted to know it’s awesome! Honestly I needed it, since my old one died almost a year ago.
    Hope you’re well,

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