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Some more dates and events for your consideration regarding church in the emerging culture.

USAReclaiming Paul conference going on now in USA with Emergent Village. Check out the Tweets . . . I mean the Twemes.

England – Big meeting on Dec 13 in England. The Tribal Generation network from Brazil are coming up to lead this event and its aimed at leaders from all over Europe who want to start churches among the emerging generation. Details here.

Scotland – Brian McLaren in Scotland (Dec 5-8) and England after that.

IrelandEmerge meeting with me in Ireland on November 15.

Africa – “For the first time in November 2008 Lausanne will convene 100 emerging younger leaders between the ages of 25 and 40 for a Regional Summit near Jos, Nigeria. We would ask that you prayerfully consider this opportunity to invest in the development of an emerging generation of Church and Mission leaders who will help lead the Church towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. Details on the Lausanne website.

Ghana – Mark Berry the missionary man is in Ghana for meetings.

And finally, I found a picture of a green van for Dan Kimball’s garage.

D2Ef 2-1Dan-Kimball-2

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  • Lynn C says:

    Age limit 40? Why? Do you not realize this is no different than saying “men only” or “Whites only”? I’m excluded and I feel offended.

  • Tim says:

    These types of gatherings are always good for me. Just got back from the reclaiming paul (emergent) conf. Enjoyed a lot of conversation from it.

  • andrew jones says:

    glad to hear it, tim.
    hey Lynn – i sympathize with you and agree. in fact, i was kept out of a recent Lausanne meeting for emerging generation because i was over 35, despite being a speaker at a big lausanne/WEF event a few years earlier.
    i think its good to cut some slack to other countries still going through the transition that we went through. 15 years ago in the west, we were talking about “youth ministry” and “gen X” and it wasnt until the mid 90’s when we realized this shift was not age-specific but more about a worldview shift. Other countries and some organizations are still catching up to that way of thinking so we need to be patient.
    esp. when we get segregated because of our age.

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