World Youth Day

World Youth Day for Catholic Youth – 400,000 at the final mass in Sydney and half of them staying overnight. Thats a big event. Not all were Catholics – some of my friends from the charismatic world were there also.


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  • i was there! pretty amazing spirit in the entire city. it was interesting to talk to shop owners, hotel workers, and others: they were really surprised how beautiful and peaceful a gathering of hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults could be (considering that it was a major inconvenience to the entire city of sydney — with closed roads and a constant stream of pedestrians at every corner). the saturday evening gathering (the night before the closing mass) was a life highlight for me. i posted about it here.

  • I am praying that God will work and change lives. God bless all you are doing and do for the Kingdom of God. God has great plans for your life.

  • hello friend!
    we had to miss the final mass because of some mess. but the rest of the week was great also – are you now watching it online? this post is rather late… 🙂 just as i haven’t blogged about it yet… 🙂

  • Mass? Seriously… Mass?
    The re-crucifixion of Christ.. what a thoroughly unbiblical practice.

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