Jenna and Juli in da house.


Juli and Jenna are in da house as part of a training trail. Thats Juli standing and Jenna running on the cliffs of Yesnaby earlier today. Click on the photos to enlarge them and read on for more.


Juli Allen from Houston arrived yesterday and will be with us for a few weeks. She is a ‘guinea pig’ on a pilot training trail that some of us are experimenting with – a kind of alternative to traditional ministry training that involves spending quality time at a number of highly relational emerging mission communities. She just came over from Prague and Switzerland and Germany and will be in Greenbelt and Telford – all with friends of ours and all orchestrated by Shannon Hopkins from her evil headquarters in London. She is working with me on some writing projects this week. This picture was taken at one of the old monasteries in Orkney – at Birsay.


– Jenna White is from North Carolina and she joined our crazy family last week in Inverness. Same thing. Pilgrimage among friends and contacts overseas. Getting and giving. Learning and serving. Here she is climbing the ruins of the 16th Century Earls Palace.

– Will Smith left a few weeks ago to go down south. Nice guy. We like him and wish him the best with his studies at Abilene.


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  • holy canoli, i know will smith. if he was attempting to pull of a stache and looked a bit like Driscoll, that’s him.
    btw, here’s an interesting post on baby/bathwater and emerging. not sure who penned it:

  • Jenna will keep you on your toes- or if not will leave bruises!!!!
    You best pinch her for me hard…. then run! You will take a beating Andrew- hint, tall and skinny always looses to short and stocky- she is 110% muscle in that lil dancer body of hers-but p.s. she is strong with her sword!
    have a blast – I’ll be praying abundance!
    xo K8

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