John Calvin Unraveled: Reformed Napkin Wisdom for the Male Spiritual journey

I know men go through transitions in middle age but, like most men, I am not going to buy a psycho-babble-newagey-self-help book. But I might read a novel


I don’t know of many Reformed ministers writing novels these days but I know at least one. Dr. Bob Beltz is a rare breed of artist/minister/filmmaker/novelist/cyberabbot who applies reformed thinking to the stages of life. I like Bob. He loves life and lives it to the full. He is balanced and well-rounded, interesting and interested. I am bringing Bob’s novel Somewhere Fast with me on my business trip this week and will probably give some thought to my own mid-life challenges but don’t worry . . . I WONT be buying a Harley Davidson.

You can read about John Calvin unraveled and more of Bob’s thoughts here on Spirituality Examined.

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Does the missional church have a reformed heritage?

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