Alltop from Guy Kawasaki

“We help you explore your passions by collecting stories from ‘all the top’ sites on the web.”

Guy Kawasaki and friends have just launched Alltop, an info service that aggregates the top websites. Nice to see Tallskinnykiwi and friends among their Alltop Church search. Its a different approach, as these diagrams on Guy’s blog explain.

Nuggets Google2440

Nuggets Alltop2440

HT: Goodmanson

Related: Guy Kawasaki (he’s quite the guru so i have to use his full name) and myself both contributed to The Blogging Church book.

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  • Mark says:

    not a fan of these kind of sites… IMHO they can kill the flow of the network by turning it into an “old skool”/modernist hierarchy based on numbers (again!), i.e. the idea of a “top” site is subjective so in the end it all comes down to hits or the “wisdom of the enlightened”… tbh I’d rather not have anyone tell me what a top site is or not, some of my favourite blogs only get a handful of visitors but what they say stirs and challenges me far more than some of the Mega-blogs & I’d rather “surf” my own networks than have some central place that gathers everything for me.
    or maybe I just have an aversion to/suspicion of “gurus” 😉

  • david says:

    nah, mark. you are on point, i would say.
    why does guy kawasaki get to tell everyone what the nuggets are. i say they can have their top-shelf nuggets.
    can you imagine what dull drivel sampled music would be if dj’s decided they weren’t going to bother getting dusty fingers thumbing through non-nuggets until they found that nugget record that the rest of the world still regarded as a non-nugget.
    bah.. need to rinse out the bad taste of “Alltop of the pops – guy kawasaki and the internet kings”

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