Kids camp on Hoy

Sent off three of our kids today on a camp. YAHHH!! 4 days without the kids! . . PARTY AT OUR HOUSE!! – Everyone is invited!!!. But I think I will pop over tomorrow on this same small ferry to check on them and enjoy the island of Hoy where their camp is. I need to take some more photos of this incredible island.


Cameron Stout is a nice guy. He put Orkney on the map when he won Big Brother and did a great job of maintaining his sanity as a follower of Jesus on a tv show that is not known for its Christian witness. I guess if he can endure the Big Brother madhouse then my kids should not drive him too insane. As for the camp speaker, he shall remain nameless since youth speakers from down south are far too famous as it is and I dont want the whole world worshipping this man. Yes, he is a youth speaker but he is still JUST A MAN!


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