Gutenberg and the Press that Made the Bible

Recreating the printing press that Gutenberg likely used to print his famous 42 line Bible on a short TV series now on YouTube. Thanks to the people in my Yahoo letterpress printers group for the links. BTW – I managed to get my printer into my print shop last week after breaking down a wall. Very exciting.

The Machine that Made Us – Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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  • Great stuff Andrew! I missed this when it was on earlier this year. I studied Typography years ago and still work in graphics, so I find this fascinating. I’d be interested to know what sort of type you have managed to get your hands on, and what kind of press you are using? I remember visiting the Stempel type foundry (Frankfurt) in the sixties, and also meeting with the great typographer Jan Tschichold in Basel. Hope to get to see your initial productions in due course!

  • Sorry to bring this up but someone mentioned to me that watching some videos on the internet could be considered illegal downloading. Do you have any ideas of how I could know if this or any other video on YouTube, or anywhere else, is an infringement of copyright? And what action could the BBC or anyone take against someone who linked to it if it was? Perhaps I am just being paranoid but what they said sounded worrying. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  • Andrew says:

    thanks david i will look into it. does anyone know?

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