Aberdeen with Andrew Walls

This morning I am at Crown Terrace Methodist Church in Aberdeen to hear missiologist Andrew Walls preach and then I will be having lunch with Andrew. I hope he can cook! Really excited about this. Dr Walls is arguably the leading expert on the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh (1910) and how it panned out over the next century. You can read some of that on this Edinburgh 1910-2010 PDF.

hhhmmmm . . . i should probably start a new blog category called “Shameless Name-dropping”

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  • well, how about a new category called “nameless shamedropping.” You could leave naughty comments all over the net anonymously!
    okay, i know. not a great joke. i should’ve given up and gone to bed at least an hour ago. but i’m a glutton for puns i’ve meant.
    oops. there it goes again …

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