A walk around Hoy (this is where i show off yesterday’s photos)

We sailed over to the island of Hoy for a Sunday service with the youth camp and then i took off to take some photos around the north side of Hoy. Its a dramatic and forboding island, wonderfully deserted and isolated. I left the family with friends and went walking for the whole afternoon in the company of cattle, birds, seals and sheep. Heres a few thumbnails to click and enlarge. There are more at Flickr.

Hoy10 Hoy3 Hoy2

Hoy1 Hoy7 Hoy4

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  • Bob says:

    Great shots, especially Hoy6. It is amazing that the stone lintels are still providing an awesome frame for the view of the firth.
    We are planning a 3 week cycling tour of the Orkneys next August and these photos have just added to our excitement.
    Cheers, Three Cheers, and Blessings

  • andrew says:

    Bob, come and see us at The Sorting Room, a community art space behind the Stromness post office. Free coffee if you read my blog. free wifi also if you have left a comment.
    (actually, its all free anyway . . )

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