GAFCON: Not a Schism but . . .

Not a schism but there might be a “structure within a structure”

says Peter Jensen at GAFCON, a meeting going on in Jerusalem with conservative Anglican bishops. Pete Father Jake has the latest and you can find video here. Check out Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on Muslim relations.

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  • I still can’t get over this thing of one bunch-of-men-with-silly-hats-and-funny-titles suggesting they are somehow more authentically biblical than another-bunch-of-mostly-men-with-silly-titles-and-funny-hats meeting elswewhere.
    Isn’t the truth that we’re all some distance from the Way of Christ – and that having men with titles and funny clothing has very little to do with the New Testament?

  • So Andrew, how big a thing do you think this GAFCON thing is? It’s got me pretty wired, but I’ve been away from the Anglicans for a while, so I might be misinterpreting it…
    would be interested to know your thoughts; or are you keeping diplomatically silent? 😉

  • Yes – silent as usual for diplomatic reasons. I have connections with people both at GAFCON and LAMBETH and my position with Church Mission Society is not really one in which I should be pushing my agenda on issues aside from mission.
    I did, however, consider attending GAFCON but thought that I, as a peon, nay, a micro-peon in the Anglican world, should just sit this one out and see what the big fish come up with.
    I hope that both groups will see an opportunity to recommit themselves afresh to Christ’s mission.

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