Emerging/Emergent vs Radical/Reformed – who will get us out of this mess?

“In contrast to the solution proposed by Wells, the emerging/missional/neo-monastic churches (the pieces that I applaud) seek to recover community, wholistic gospel, embodied incarnational presence in the world, corporate spiritual formation and the sense of cosmic Mission.”

David Fitch puts his money on the E’s in response to David Well’s book ‘The Courage to Be Prostestant’, which prefers the R’s.

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  • i have always been troubled by all the emphasis on re in em/alt/oozing phenom
    renewing, reimagining, reforming, recovering
    i would confess that a great deal of this has started as post-, even at times anti-
    but living in these streams, growing in these communities – it is feral, unplanned, even dangerous
    but it is long past re-, or post- or anti-
    at least as i’ve experienced

  • I think this hit the point:
    “I still affirm both the inerrancy of Scripture and the penal view of the atonement. But we must go beyond. The authority of Scripture must be lifted up amidst the new contest of narratives. The atonement must be explicated in all its depth wonder and profundity. Its interpretation must be taken from the entire history of the God’s work in Christ.”
    I agree completely with Fitch on this.

  • the biggest authentic commodity is the exchange of Love…. so much for the widow’s mite. I’m not trying to be simplistic in thought because it’s much more costly than just words. If it comes down to an evangelistic issue, they are not gonna buy words, if it doesn’t hold the touch, smell, sight, hearing and tasting of HIM. Too much of this comes down to a “cook book” how to do, when with each miracle, HE kept messing with the templates of how HE did it before, just to reinforce, that He’s always doing something new.- for me that just shows that we can’t just use a template, but actual trust and dependancy on Him, lest we try to perpetuate a form that holds no substance.

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