Steve Knight on The New Charismatics

While the post-charismatic movement gathers steam, its interesting to see hyper-charismatic movements still popping up.

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HT: Steve Knight who is also a little befuddled by “The New Charismatics” and their spirit-drunken, moon-howling, slosh-till-u-drop “postmodern prophetic ministry”. Its not exactly Steve’s cup of tea either but he does point to some good outreach efforts by this group.

New words for your vocabularly, courtesy of John Crowder, author of The New Mystics:

– “Tokin’ the Ghost,”

– “Smokin’ the “Jehovah-juana”

– “Sloshed” [in the Spirit]
– “Wasted on Jesus”

What-the-Heck Would Adrian Do?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • My thoughts… even given that I have a LOT to learn. Unholy crap!

  • Royzoner says:

    This stuff combined with the todd bentley lakeland outpouring will make 08 the year of the summer of love, might be another Jesus movement like from way back in the 70’s.

  • Carlo says:

    All a bit self-indulgent, irreverent and weird for my liking.

  • Come on Andrew. Don’t beat around the bush. Give us the skinny on Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring. Just what is your perspective?

  • adrian Warnock says:

    What would Adrian do? Simple, probably the same thing as you : – RUN!

  • andrew says:

    my perspective? i just heard about them today. pretty funky (hi jason] but seem like good people. i have been to some pretty funky meetings like this before.

  • I USE sloshed in the Spirit! Actually Crowder does have an awesome book… called “the new mystics”…. and ummmm yes, i’m prophetic…. and according to you Andrew i’m a bit charismatic …. LOL… but i’m more of a prophetic mystic that likes really good wine and beer!- and perhaps some good Ardbeg tooo funny….
    Anyways… we are getting settled in Austin… but could use some fire power from your perch! (i’m considering a blog post on it… but anyways…. i’m NOT as good as you are on writing almost daily!- still a bit knackered from the move…. but had a rockin birthday yesterday with DnA & Paul…… it was cool.
    luv ya

  • Melody says:

    Oh, dear! I went to their site and read John Crowder’s prophecy about the upturn he was predicting in the California real estate market. That was last October so I guess you have to wait awhile for those kind of things to come true. But when he started talking about wildfires breaking out because he was speaking and rain falling inside the building where he was speaking it was just too creepy. Actually, guys like this have been around for a very long time. The only difference is the goatee. The most amazing thing about this guy, though, is that he claims his four children have been, “…activated in prophetic healing ministry.” Even the baby who isn’t yet walking, wow!

  • Simon says:

    I know quite a few people who are into all this stuff, I have a lot of friends at Antioch – the venue on the poster for ‘Sloshed’.
    Do I like this stuff personally? No, not if I’m honest. Do I respect the people I know who do like it? Yes. They’re good people, committed, determined, full of integrity, working with people on the very margins of society, not afraid to be called weird or nutty.
    I have no experience of being sloshed, gold dusted, be-jewelled, never seen any mystical creatures or etc, but people I know and respect have had some of these experiences. I don’t really want these experiences, nor do I think I need to have them. It’s weird, it’s disturbing, but then again, in my experience God is weird and disturbing…

  • Actually I do believe in spiritual gifts such as healing. And I am thrilled when people’s Christian faith is revived and renewed which can be the result of events such as this. Perhaps this new generation of revivalists with the tattoos, goatees, seedy pasts and an ability to laugh at themselves will have more street cred than the previous generation in fancy suits? Yet I must say that I am still cautious of the hype and the flaky things that I can see accompanying these events too. Funky yes. And a bit whacky!

  • We are saved by the foolishness of preaching the word of God, not foolish preaching. I fear the truth is being neglected by the New Blues because of Jesuit infiltration. Father Matthew Fox stated years ago that the Roman Catholic Church would bring about the great ecumenical fruition by means of glossalalia, speaking in tongues, charismatic Catholicism. Rick Joyner admits to being Knighted as a Knight of Malta- a Roman Catholic organization. Just because TBN promotes a man ( who will then promote the Popes authority)and calls someone a prophet of God who seems to work in spiritual realms does NOT make one a prophet of God. Try the spirits we are told. The yardstick for truth will always be the bible. When spiritual attainment overshadows TRUTH- watch out. The enemy has entered the camp!

  • Ok, was reading thru some back posts- and have to correct sumptin… Rick Joyner being Knighted was a spoof! I’m quite familiar with the entire story… (was at Morning Star ministries for years, on prophetic teams, worship teams, and intercession teams… ) Rick gets a lot of crap- and to be honest….. i don’t agree with all of Mstar- but they are solid and reaching in places that most churches won’t touch…… so when i see that Malta thing going round.. i have to comment- IT WAS A JOKE.!!!!
    (ok- andrew you know what i’m thinking… a quote from Derek in Yiddish about “if they can’t take a joke”— anyhoo- )
    wanted to at least speak up on that last comment. ——
    blessings dear!

  • Joe Miller says:

    You might like to see this video… I am not certain, but I think it is from a recent worship set from the “tokin the baby Jesus” tour.

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