Lee Behar and Fundraising

Conversations on the finer points of theology and emerging forms of church come and go . .. . but the subject of how to raise money for your ministry is a perennial issue.

I didn't mention my good friend Lee Behar last week in my series on philanthropy, even though he was at PIGS, an informal gathering of faith-based Foundations. But I am linking to him now. Why? Because he mentioned yours truly today and my uber-bulging blogger's EGO cannot resist a back-link to those who acknowledge my contribution to the cyber-knowledge that is beginning to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea . . . AND . . . [just joking] . . . because last weeks posts would not be complete without Lee Behar, an evangelical ambassador of qualm, a Blogger and a Twitterer on the inside of the philanthropic world who is committed to the Great Commission and to help emerging-missional projects be equipped with every good thing. Check it out. It's got the skinny on fundraising for American based [501c-3] Christian ministries and its called Taking It For Granted: Thoughts on grantmaking and giving.

Now please do me a favor and don't hound Lee. I mean like dont camp out on his front lawn . . and don't send him emails asking for money. He doesn't have any [you can tell by the way he dresses]. Rather, he works for The Maclellan Foundation that has been supporting Christian ministries for about . . oh . . 6 decades . . and have an online grant appication system and that is what Lee will point you to. But before you start the online application process, check out what Lee has to say and check out my previous post called How To Ask Foundations for Money (Lee makes an appearance in this post).


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Really liked how you asked people not to hound Lee!! Just camp out on his blog.
    To be honest that is a great strategy. I am surprised that in the year since I’ve had a blog, that so few really take advantage of entering into a virtual relationship with me. It would be one of my strategies if I was looking for funding. Post comments, add to the conversation, discreetly over time develop relationship. It is non-threatening and an open door.

  • andrew says:

    I was surprised to see how forthright Lee was when he started blogging.
    I have also been surprised as the lack of spam and people hassling me. I have asked a few of them for relationship but they are not interested.

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