Carson or Keller at an Emerging Church Festival?

Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago today. Hey, if anyone there chats to D.A. Carson or Tim Keller, please invite them on my behalf to one of the many emerging church festivals this summer in Europe. People of their calibre don’t usually make it to the festivals here, despite thousands of young people who really appreciate some good Bible teaching. There is no honorarium and you have to pay for your own flight, and you might end up in tent and lining up for port-a-loo access but then so do the other speakers – which of course limits the kinds of speakers who choose to come to these events.

I got asked to speak at SLOT Festival in Poland today and said i would do one session – hopefully in the Kiwi Cafe. Its a fantastic festival. About 5000-6000 young people. Unfortunately I can only be there for 2 days and they need teachers who can give a good 5 day series like Sy Rogers did last year. Now that would be a good one for Carson. He could not only teach for hours each day but he could also meet a lot of emerging church leaders from all over Europe. In fact, we are having a roundtable at SLOT this year for leaders and he could speak to us all and pray over us. Good idea?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Bill Kinnon says:

    This cracked me up Andeeroo,

    and you have to pay for your own fight

    I agree, ’tis always important to pay for one’s own “fight”.

  • andrew says:

    ok bill. i just corrected that. fighting is something we all pay for afterwards.

  • Heidi Renee says:

    port-a-loo made me smile and wondered if you were familiar with the the name that my aussie friends call it. we took their kids to the shore this weekend and they refused to use the “long drop” – it’s such a descriptive name!

  • andrew says:

    i know long drop. but these ones are short drop. and after a few days . . . VERY short drop.

  • I hope he comes. Sadly I don’t know Carson personally.

  • Matt says:

    I’m sure they’d be REALLY responsive to a grapevine invitation to speak at a conference… 😉 Seriously though, why don’t you send them a letter and flyer? Or give them a call?
    I’m surprised you heard about the conference. I’m at TEDS every day, all day for the next few weeks, and I didn’t even know about it until I ran into my pastor having lunch with John Piper yesterday in the graduate “student center”.

  • andrew says:

    Actually Matt, one of my blog reading friends is at the conference and he offered to extend my invitation in person if he gets the chance to both Carson and Keller. Although he feels we should raise the money for their airfare should one of them accept.

  • Matt says:

    Hey, more power to ‘im! That’d be very cool, for sure. Did you read Collin Hansen’s email conversation with Tony Jones in CT online? Collin’s a friend of mine and not so emerging… pretty traditional Reformed, but open-minded (most journalists are). He and Tony see the EC and Reformed resurgence as both serving the ‘needs’ of ‘younger evangelicals’ (as Webber described them), albeit in different ways.

  • hey
    you really make me want to be there…mm diary already not good. but … mmm truth is good you are there and more of us need to be… this is a global thing and my own experience in Europe is we are needed, and we will also learn loads. so serioulsy any thing you hear of i can give to let me know…i may well be able to be there

  • Becky says:

    Andrew in another post I’d be interested in your take on Carson and Keller – Based on what I’ve heard in US Emergent Church (TM) circles, DA Carson’s name tends not to be used in a positive light – being Episcopalian, I am not well versed in the US reformed vs. emergent church debates though watching some of the theological fur fly can be amusing at a distance. For my work, I tend to focus on theologians like NT Wright who bring together evangelical and Anglican voices and philosophers such as John Caputo, who can also serve as bridge builders.
    For future years – That sounds like something right up Shane Claiborne’s alley though he can’t afford to pay for his flight. Maybe you can ask Brian McLaren when you see him at Greenbelt.

  • Rebecca22 says:

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