Bible App – A Bible Quiz

Bible Apps Sm3 Bible App is a Bible verse quiz and its pretty good. But its really lonely here at the top. Anyone want to challenge me?

UPDATE: Actually – its too easy. I am giving up because its nearly midnight and i am getting delirious.

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  • no – i only played it once . . and i have now quit the game on my own accord.
    once is enough . . . believe me!

  • It is WAY TOO addictive!!!
    Interestingly enough, if you’re signed in on your facebook account it only shows top scores from facebook. I switched over and signed in from my myspace account and it showed completely different people (apparently myspace users chave more spare time than facebook users, because their scores were MUCH HIGHER!)

  • I hope the points go higher than 6-10 per question later on, because otherwise you spent how long answering 3000+ questions?

  • Well, I didn’t notice that I had to sign in before I spent over TWO HOURS answering their questions. I kept waiting for the game to be finished … and waiting … what a DWEEB!
    So, after 140 minutes of questions, I only missed 59 … I’ll have to do the math (I figure I spent an average of 10 seconds per) if I’m curious.

  • Good quiz – but really rather time consuming. I should have been in bed hours ago! It is relatively easy if you think about it. Funny how so much comes down to a decision about New Testament/Old testament and first person/plural.

  • actually, this quiz allows you to pick up the following day from where you left off so i imagine there will be some heavy hitters, esp. those who do this each morning for their Quiet Time.

  • There’s no way I’m going up against a Baptist when it comes to remembering bible verses. I know better.

  • When in doubt guess Jeremiah. It has the most words of any book in the Bible so when it is an option it is most likely…unless it is obviously a NT verse.

  • just played for a few moments this morning…ranked 35th…plan to play now and again, nice little way to keep the skills fresh

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