Love Bristol team are here

The team are here from Bristol. 15 of them who have driven up in 2 vans and didnt sleep last night. Really nice people who are working with the poor in Bristol and doing a thing called Love Bristol. They hope to have an arts centre downtown that will be quite similar to our Sorting Room but perhaps not organised as a Cooperative.

I planned a Texas style BBQ but unfortunately when i came back from the butchers with some chickens [free range, thank you] my beef ribs were ablaze and had been on fire for quite awhile. Must have been that Stubbs BBQ sauce [thanks brian and whitney]. So we switched plans and I cooked up a large organic salmon on the grill.


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  • Henry Judy says:

    BBQ thats food for life in South Carolina where I am from. When are you coming back to America. Open invitation to stay with us in Naples Florida. By the way… I have a new website for my blog….
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  • whitney says:

    Sooo… are you blaming us for your little kitchen fire cuz I have seen how you cook!!!! Flame on HIGH!!
    Seriously though.. I am sorry you lost the stubbs… but i remember you make a mean bbq sauce from scratch andrew!!!

  • andrew jones says:

    i lost some of the stubbs but i have a lot more in the jar. dont worry . . .

  • dan Wilt says:

    Go buy
    Buy the site and tell your story, big fella. People want to know what sauces invite the fury.
    That’s what I think.

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