Ansel Adams in Edinburgh

While in Edinburgh last weekend I popped into the photography exhibition Ansel Adams: Celebration of Genius at the City Art Centre. Fantastic! Ansel was one of my main inspirations behind me trudging up hills with a medium format camera to wait and wait and wait until the drama of the sky opens and the light comes through and the music begins. I havent taken the kind of shots that I aspire to yet but am working towards it. I have an old Hasselblad film camera that I adore.


The Face of Half Dome, Ansel Adams, 1927

According to the documentary, after climbing up to this ledge, Ansel only had two plates left. The first one he used as normal but the second, which is shown here, he stained red to give contrast to the snowy lines. And he ended up with this fantastic shot.


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  • J. R. Miller says:

    his work is inspirational… and sometimes mind blowing!

  • D.G. Hollums says:

    AMEN! I remember seeing his phjotos @ my undergrad college..and I was taking a basic B&W class… I became infatuated by his art. And man I wish I could have found his shot just north of Santa Fe, when I lived in Santa Fe.

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