Emerging Downunder

A book gets released next month in Melbourne by Brent Lyons Lee and Ray Simpson who is also one of my co-speakers at the Grassroots Festival. Looks like a wicked cool book. HT: Matt Stone who gives the blurb for the book:

Emergingdownunder“Emerging Downunder: Creating Celtic New Monastic Villages of God” taps into the current hunger for spirituality, the death pains of obsolete church forms, and the rising tide of hope felt by many Christians. It suggests ways the fragmented church may reconnect both with its roots and the contemporary environment, providing practical examples of church that bring praying, eating, learning and hospitality together in one place.”

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More from Matt:

“This book was first published as Church of the Isles by Ray Simpson for a British audience. In collaboration with Brent Lyons Lee, it has tapped in to worldwide conversations about ‘emerging church’ and ‘new monasticism’ and applied it to a ‘downunder’ context.”

Tim Costello will be launching the book in Melbourne at 6:30pm on Thursday April 3 at Credo Café, (The end of Baptist Place Laneway off Little Collins St between Swanston & Russell St.)

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Also related: I am just reading about Aussie missiologist Alan Tippett. I heard his name a few times when I started studies at Fuller School of World Mission in 1993. Dr Alan Tippet was one of the founders of the school in the early 60’s and a leading thinker in the church growth movement. He had less infatuation with numbers than Donald McGavran and a greater appreciation of cultures, anthropology and the need for a Biblical foundation for church growth than did many of his contemporaries. He seemed like a real Aussie to me. One of the chapter titles from his book on Fijian culture was called “Too Disgusting to Mention”. Dr Colin Dundon wrote a comprehensive paper on the contribution of Alan Tippett called “A POST COLONIAL MISSIOLOGY” [PDF]


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