Edinburgh to Build a Bear

I am in Edinburgh this weekend and am traveling with my two youngest daughters. Tamara turns 6 on Saturday and we will visit the Build-a-Bear Shop to adopt one as her major birthday present. Done this before with Hannah. I’m a PRO!


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  • Andrew, take it from one who knows: don’t get her the little sound thing that makes an animal noise when you squeeze its paw. My 6-year-old loves hers, but that meowing sound gets on one’s nerves!

  • Now there is a good use of time. Don’t you let anyone tell you you’re a time waster, Andrew, no sirree bob. You’ve made at least one good time choice in your life. This is it. Yesirree.
    😉 Really, way to go.

  • sounds like sacrificial love to me.
    here is the scoop- home inspection on monday.
    then appraisal…. and we need the full asking price on the appraisal or they have the option of opting out…
    but …… so far so good.
    please keep the prayers firing…
    and tell Debbie i can’t wait to meet here.
    when i get a breather i’m gonna email here and say a proper hello after all these years……
    shalom, K8

  • Yes, my 9 year old son wanted to spend his own money on building one a few months ago so we all made the trip and dressed it up nicely (after putting in those little red hearts as a part of its stuffing). He truly loves his – he got a dog – and named it Scotch!

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