dont know what to call this post . . .

what the heck would you call it?

i am in london. staying the night on jonny baker’s couch. again. the ‘small missional communities’ conference went well in northampton and it was great to see the various streams (cell church, base ecclesial communities, savlos, emerging church, anglican cell, post-YWAM, etc) come together. came home with jonny, which is why i am here. Off home tomorrow but I will stop into a printing supplier in the morning to chat about printing stuff and maybe buy some environmentally safe soy ink or something.

i can tell you that i really dont feel like blogging and i realize the blog banner above is from last month and i am sleepy and about to hit that couch. good night.


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  • hey you! sorry i missed saying goodbye to you… you and jonny sertin were deep in conversation when jonny was trying to get me out the door!
    glad we could enjoy chinese together. see you again soon!

  • Genuinely curious about the “post-YWAM”. Could you explain? YWAM is not the best at seeing people leave well, so I’d love to hear what you are thinking.

  • hi jamie. i meant after-ywam more than hacked-off-at-ywam. but at the same time the ex-ywamers and ex-omers do seem to exhibit a little reactionary protest against their experiences and a new found joy in the next stage to go with the frustration of being back in the home country.
    a bit like Rambo finding his feet back home.

  • Thanks Andrew. Both post-YWAMer’s and hacked-off-YWAM folks can often have trouble adjusting, which we (the org) need to own as our problem. Thanks!

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