Cracking Installation at Tate Modern

I had an hour to spare in London so I completed my usual pilgrimage to the Tate Modern. Doris Salcedo’s ‘Shibboleth’ in the huge Turbine Hall looks at first like an empty room in between installations. And then you notice the crack in the floor and you are drawn into it .


I came in at opening time and got to take some pictures before the crowds came. You can see the scale of this installation by the size of the man. And this is only part of the crack.


According to one interpretation, Salcedo’s huge crack in the floor represents the gap between white Europeans and the rest of the world. I suppose my suitcase on the crack is a picture of my effort to bring God’s healing reconciliation to that crack as I travel around Europe and beyond. Thats why I have chosen it as my banner for this month. And because it looks really cool.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Becky Kiddle says:


  • D.G. Hollums says:

    I am horrible…. when I hear “crack”, I am thinking “butt crack”, heh. So, your suitcase was where? ha ha ha ha.

  • Dean says:

    Andrew, I just think your bag is too heavy…..

  • andrew says:

    it was heavy coz it contained my future theological blog posts.

  • Jon Harris says:

    I like your banner. But I would have liked it even more if you’d have left the gravity-defying man in the picture!

  • Mean Dean says:

    I dunno Andrew, I’ve been all over the globe this past year … I think every culture possesses such a gap.
    Question to me is, do we let it trip us up, and are we willing to expend the energy to leap it?

  • Lucy Berridge says:

    I’m really interested in your image of the Shibboleth, the one with the single man in it. I’m looking for a hi res quality to reproduce for a print . Do you still have the image I’m happy to pay for it if we use it. It’s for a marketing suite in a property delevopement. If you are able to supple it I need it fairly urgently.
    many thanks L Berridge

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