Problogger Darren Rowse owes me a coffee!

Darren Rowse, of the ridiculously popular, owes me a coffee. After discovering my blog in 2002 and starting his own, he went on to make half a million dollars, pay off his mortgage and start one of the world’s biggest blogs. I reckon he owes me a coffee.

Pro-Blogger-TmIn this mornings postings, Darren writes about his 6 defining moments as a problogger. Discovering my site was the first and the other 5 don’t really matter because my blog put him on the right track. He owes me a coffee!

Problogger is voted Technorati’s number 2 favorite blog in the world, coming right next to BoingBoing. I have voted for both blogs in the past, but have a special spot in my heart for Problogger, since its a damn helpful blog but also because there is some lineage to my poor humble tallskinnykiwi blog, producing a familial parental urge to vote for it. Darren bloody well owes me a coffee!

And i will be in Melbourne in a few months at the Forge Grassroots Festival to collect it. I think Darren will also be there. Or so he told me. Make that a latte, Darren . . . extra large!

One of Darren’s choices as a blogger was to be vulnerable and honest about how much money he was making, despite the Aussie tendency to hide success and punish it when you see it happen to others (tall poppy syndrome). Quite risky, actually, for Darren to go public but a good choice and thousands of bloggers are grateful. I know a lot of bloggers have been helped along by his advice, including some young people in India who are involved in Christian mission.

Darren also has a blog called The Living Room, which explores his community’s journey as a part of a spiritual movement embraced by a lot of young people [but vilified by others] called the Emerging Church. If i lived in Melbourne, I would probably check it out.

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  • It is quite amazing that Darren got inspiration from your site. Best of luck for your site too. I will be tuned up to ur site too.

  • no commission – just a coffee and some occasional advice and his friendship . . . and thats all i need. . . .
    and a lotus elan . . . and thats all i need . . .
    and a boat . .
    naaaahhhhhhhh . . . just a coffee!

  • how about I buy you a coffee when you’re in Melbourne!
    Actually – how about I take you out for dinner or lunch if you’ve got the time!

  • Given you mentioned the word coffee five times (I’m including the latte reference), sounds like you’ve been upgraded to fair trade double shot espressos. I’d go for a few shots of single malt or a least an Irish coffee. Just hope he doesn’t give you a cheesy Starbucks gift card.

  • Darren – nice offer – and if you were number one favourite blog rather than runner up, I would take you up on that immediately. But being a second rate site next to BoingBoing, well . . . . I will have to give it some thought and see if my schedule allows.
    Now if you only blogged at BoingBoing . ..

  • Darren – I met Cory D. in London so that makes us even.
    But I have never met you face to face . . so . . maybe dinner is a good idea. Actually, i want to talk to you more about mission websites and ads.

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