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UPDATE: A blog has been set up for Dieter.

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ORIGINAL: Just heard that my friend Dieter Zander had a stroke last night and is in an induced coma to allow healing of the surgery on his blood clot. Prayer vigil at his Bay Marin church tonight. Dieter is an absolute superstar in God’s work and a lovely guy with a gorgeous family. Give up some prayer on his behalf for a complete bounce back, and peace for his family.

Thanks Linda Bergquist (San Francisco) for the info.

UPDATE from Linda: FEB 6

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“This comes from Dennis Bachman, one of the pastor’s at Newsong Church, San Dimas. Duke is one of the elders at NewSong and he is evidently at the hospital with Dieter and his family…Dennis said:

“I will share the good news, concerns, and several prayer requests below.

Good News – Dieter had a restful night and has made it through the first 24 hrs. Dieter had a CAT scan today and there is no bleeding in his brain.

Concerns – There is substantial swelling in the brain. Dieter has a mild case of pneumonia and He is not able to breath on his own Please pray:

1. God would cure the pneumonia

2. Dieter would be able to breath on his own tomorrow

3. The swelling in the brain would go down

4. Complete healing

Before [Duke] left the hospital today, Val asked if he would include in this e-mail how much she appreciates knowing that people are praying for Dieter and further asked if [Duke] would request prayer for the boys as well. Dieter and Val’s sons are Kyle – 19, Conrad who will turn 18 in 3 weeks, and Christopher who is 16.”

Check out Mark Scandrette’s blog for updates.


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