Anglican + Emergent = Anglimergent

Its been a busy season for Anglicans and the emerging church.

– Karen Ward re-launches the Anglimergent social network which is like Presbymergent but Anglican. I am number 87.

Ian Mobsby, after releasing his excellent book on whether Anglican Emerging Churches are really Anglican or not, is starting a Euro subset of Anglimergent

Archbishop Rowan Williams gives some thoughts on the emergent church and fresh expressions on some videos like this one. HT: Emergent Village

– Becky Garrison publishes “Rising From The Ashes: Rethinking Church” and stakes a claim for Episcopal involvement in the American emerging church scene.

– Anglican Phyllis Tickle, after many thoughts about the emerging church, gets ready to publish her book “The Great Emergence is still the leading result for Google search on “emerging church” after many years at the top. (Wikipedia sometimes beats it).

Also, A Church Mission Society sponsored meeting in March in Northampton will see about 30 key leaders come together around the idea of “Small Missional Communities”. And yes, I will be there for that.


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I wonder . . .

Who in the emerging church movement will be at Global Anglican Future Conferece [GAFCON] in Jerusalem?

Who will be at Lambeth and might want to help run a Lambeth Fringe event to inform Bishops of new emerging church opportunities and information?

Are there one or two leaders who are thinking way beyond the Fresh Expressions box that really need to be at Small Missional Communities? Read the flyer below and shoot me an email if you know of someone. There might be room for one or two more.

Related: Paul Roberts of Thinking Anglicans on emerging church

Anglican Church Planting Initiatives (PDF)

Anglican Church Planting Initiatives on emerging church where they say: “Emerging Church – GO and STAY and see what EMERGES!”

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Karen Ward says:

    Andrew I’d love to be at Lambeth and at the Jerusalem meeting. I don’t expect an invite to either as an Anglimergent leader, but I do have mates at Visions in York who I could crash with for the ‘Fringe Lambeth’
    and I’m one who has hope for some in the Anglican episcopacy tp emerge and lend some help to Anglimergents on the ground and down the rabbit holes.

  • Becky says:

    Assuming I can get the funds and a press pass, I’ll join you at Lambeth. I doubt that crowd going to do Jerusalem will do anything of an emerging nature based on how some of the participants behave in the states but keep me posted.

  • tom says:

    hi andrew
    the conversation on ‘small missional communities’ caught my eye…
    is there any way that people like me who can’t go because
    a. they didn’t know about it,
    b. haven’t got £105 to spare,
    but are really interested in this can be kept up to speed with the convo in some way?
    the project i’m involved in has over the last few months moved into a phase of developing smaller missional communities. tbh partly inspired by some of the stuff you flag up, and the obvious need to keep things small to remain missional.
    so would really value any feedback on this stuff.
    cheers, tom

  • Geoff says:

    Hey Andrew – I found this blog post by doing an “emerging Anglican” google search. You might be interested to know that Trinity School for Ministry will be hosting a conference on emerging Anglicanism this summer.
    Information is here:
    – Geoff

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