I just upgraded the computers to OS 10.5 – Leopard. Feels REALLY good. Like getting born again. The Time Machine works great for backup but i had to reformat the external disk. Good way to start the year.


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  • ibook died and i inherited a friends old powermac for a while. that also died. so now i have a really nice macbook pro that i got last year. no complaints at all.

  • Right there with you Andrew…I made the upgrade on a “new to me” iBook G4 about a week ago! So far so good. I finally have my OWN computer, yippie!
    Happy New Year from the American Pacific Northwest

  • stephen – i have had QT problems in the past with arkaos but i use an old version 3.5 and i dont think i have any problems right now.

  • Hey Andrew….
    i have Tiger on my MacBookPro…
    is it worth the upgrade?
    Just wondering…. funds are there if i want it..
    but would rather spend it on other things… or people..
    xo K8

  • Hey Andrew, long time reader….etc.
    I am making a switch back to the mac world, I left it in grad school [i know, i know…bad bad boy]. Would you recommend a macbook or macbook pro. I’m a pastor who uses his mac for general computing/blogging/presentation, etc. Should I consider the pro or just the macbook. Asking cause money is an issue.
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Hi Andrew. The problem with Arkaos seems to be if you upgrade to Quicktime 7.3.1 it disables the playing of Flash in Quicktime.
    There was quite a bit of talk on some of the Apple discussion forums about it by VJ’s who’d upgrade QT around Christmas time and then couldn’t do their New Year’s gigs with Arkaos.
    Of course, YMMV.

  • eric
    dont buy anything until the new model is introduced at Macworld this month
    as for macbook vs. macbook pro. i was going for the macbook high end and it wasnt much more for the pro.
    the macbook low end with no trimmings is a good buy also
    but NOT before Macworld Expo.

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