Debbie and Abi off to Prague

debbie and abigailI am at the Orkney airport, dropping off Debbie (my multi-colored wife) and daughter Abigail. They fly to Prague for the week to help shoot a commercial. Abigail’s face will be coming to a TV near you . . . if you live in the USA. They will be hanging out with Uncle Eric Cosper, my wife’s brother from New York who is Vice President for Publicis, the ad agency that is doing this commerical pro bono for the Education Department. The commercial will encourage urban kids to stay in school longer and get an education. I have mentioned Eric’s highly creative adverts before here.

And what about me? Playing Suzie Homemaker in my apron with the other kids?


I have a few appointments that I have to keep so . . .we have managed to farm out the kids to other families and friends for a few days while I have meetings with CMS in Oxford (Monday and Tuesday) and missionaries in Amsterdam (Wednesday). Back home Thursday to pick up the kids and put on my apron.


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