Birthdays in the house.

Birthday rush here at our home. Samuel’s birthday today. He turns 17. Elizabeth turned 15 on Friday. Hannah had her tenth birthday party this weekend – a special Dr Who themed party that was a lot of fun but it really wore us out. Special dinner tonight for Sam and then a combined party next weekend for the two older kids, and then are are done for a few months when Tamara turns 6.


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    he you… keep me covered – i’m going to the everything must change thang this weekend… here in NC (2 hours a way)-
    Steve Knight is a friend and made a way for me… cuz you know where my “dosh” has been going…. anything you want me to pass on … just EMAIL me…… or call…….
    would be cool to touch in….. or i can call you… but i think i only have yer cell.. and it’s cheeper rates from a landline… (i know i have it somewhere… but with the house going up for sale…. i have NO idea….. eeesh!
    Could use some prayers that it would sell quick…. crappy market in the states as you know on the global scale.!
    love you… send a round of birthday kisses – oh… had a dream with you and Debbie in it…still processing…… and asking God for the 3 part prophetic download… but will be pondering and praying.
    xoxo K8

  • andrew jones says:

    you crazy charismaniac!!! prayers for a quick sale and easy move.

  • I’m taking it that you read my Brain Dump i sent out to the “tribe” recounting some —erm… ummm – major events… good and bad…. shit in the stalls with Glory still in the house thang.
    LOL…. thanks for the prayers…!!!!!
    muah K8

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