Our New Media Book Wins a Prize!

Unknown-1First of all, I am now allowed to tell you that our new media book won a coveted award a few days ago from the Society for New Communications Research. My chapter is on the dark side of blogging, a haunting confessional piece called “The Ugly Blogger”. The other chapters, although not nearly as metaphysically searching and psychologically demanding as my own [he he he] are also great and you will recognize a lot of bloggers from my world – see the list at Microclesia.

The book is part of the Wikiklesia Project and is called Voices of the Virtual World: Participative Technology and the Ecclesial Revolution. It was conceived in May 2007 as an experiment in collaborative pubilshing and is described as a “collective, chaordic conversation on how emerging technologies are impacting the church.” You can buy it as e-book or paper version on Lulu. I bought both but I found that, at 340 pages long, the paper version was easier to read.

Promo 1120733“Uttered like a prayer retrieved from the year 2030, spoken in a new tongue, a new form. Listen!”

– Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder / Executive Editor WIRED Magazine.

Anyway, all proceeds [and i mean ALL – I got nothing for contributing and i even had to buy my own damn copies] go to social oriented charities, with a focus on stopping human trafficking. Which reminds me, the Truth Isnt Sexy Campaign, [not connected to the book] desperately needs some money to buy more beermats for pubs in UK. Let me know if you can help and I will connect you.

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Here’s a list (via John La Grou) of the very capable writers who contributed to this project and deserve congratulations. (Note that all proceeds from the book go to the Not for Sale campaign.)

Voices editors

Len Hjalmarson

John La Grou

Voices authors

Andrew Jones

Andrew Perriman

Bill Kinnon

Bob Hyatt

Brad Sargent

Brother Maynard

Calvin Park

Cynthia La Grou

Cynthia Ware

David Hayward

Derek Flood

Drew Goodmanson

Ed Brenegar

Heidi Campbell

Jo Guldi

Joe Suh

John Sexton

Br. Karekin Yarian, BSG

Katharine Moody

Kester Brewin

Matt Reece

Michael Lissack

Mike Morrell

Mike Riddell

Peggy Brown

Rex Miller

Rick Meigs

Scot McKnight

Scott Andreas

Scott McClellan

Scott Ragan

Stephen Garner

Stephen Shields

Steve Scott

Steve Knight

Stuart Murray Williams

Thomas Hohstadt

Wild Grace


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Peggy says:

    Hmmm…I recall some specially subsidized and hand-delivered copies ;^)

  • Michel says:

    Congrats on winning the prize! I enjoyed the mp3 version of the “Voices of the Virtual World”, which I downloaded a few months ago (thanks for providing this book in an mp3 format!). I appreciated the variety of contributors, each with their respective spin. Great stuff! I recommend this book/ebook/mp3 to all!
    Michel in Canada

  • GCD says:

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    you will see PHOTOS of WHO and WHERE Bin Laden and his NETWORKS ARE….

  • andrew says:

    hi peggy – may i remind you that i bought the online copy and then bought one from you. The one after that was a gift – thanks.
    . .. you’re soooo picky!!!

  • Peggy says:

    Well, Andrew…methinks you protest too loudly…the Abbess was probably just a little quick to get out the old ruler and give your knuckles a rap for your salty language bemoaning your plight. ;^)
    Thanks for this wonderful post you put up here with all the great images and links!
    Blessings…hope the old ruler didn’t break any skin :^)

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