Sam Jones: He’s Big in Orkney

Our 16 year old son Sam gave a “show-stopping” performance in last weeks production of ‘Chicago’, here in our town of Stromness, Orkney.


“Added comedy came in the form of young Sam Jones as top reporter ‘Mary Sunshine’, whose falsetto singing of ‘There’s a Little Bit of Good in Everyone’ brought a broad smile to all our faces”

Orkney Today

Orcadianchicago-1“I cannot mention the show without mentioning the hilarious, show-stopping performance by Sam Jones as reporter Mary Sunshine. Making an interesting first appearance, Sam sang his song worryingly well as he hit ridiculously high notes and walked in his high heels across the stage. As the crowd, we all loved him . . .”

The Orcadian

Actually, the whole show was fantastic and everyone did really well. Special thanks to Emily for giving some voice coaching to our son.

Every year the Stromness Drama Club has a ‘dame’ in their Christmas production and this year, that responsibility fell upon Sam. Its his first performance here in Orkney and his first time singing in public. We are very proud of Sam for his effort. Its a shame his girlfriend Ellen missed it but she can buy the DVD when it comes out. In the meantime, here is a quick low-quality video from my little camera.


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