Darrin Patrick and Journey

AlcoholRemember that Baptist church called Journey that i blogged about in a post entitled “We Baptists Do Not Drink . . . (in front of each other)”? Well, they just lost their funding and I think their stance on taking communion seriously got them in trouble. It is also connected with their relationship with Acts 29 – a fine, upstanding, reformed, gotteed network of churches that the Journey has been a part of. Darrin Patrick will talk to us on Shapevine tomorrow and give the skinny.

I am traveling tomorrow and will be in Stoke on Trent, England, by the end of the night so i don’t know if i can make the video chat. But it should be good. What i would like to ask him is where he will be sending his church’s tithe if the Missouri Baptists dont want it anymore. It is also interesting to me because Boaz lost its funding from Baptist General Convention of Texas last year – not because of the amber communions that we enjoy but rather because they dismantled the church multiplication center that I was a part of. No hard feelings .. . but its interesting to see others in the southern baptist world cut loose and floating out there like us.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Ted says:

    Is this a new demographic and are there networking possibilities? What is positive and what is negative? Age, gender, and race seem to not be a part of the demographic of these that are cut loose. Just a question. Always looking for the possibilities and spiritual insights of a given situation.

  • chad says:

    I wonder if the New Baptist Covenant will have something to add to this idea. It has been interesting these last couple of years being baptist and also making strong ties in the various traditions that have come out of Methodism. I often get the odd look being a Southern Baptist going to seminary at Asbury.
    I think the next several years will bring some interesting changes within those who have been traditionally part of the SBC, but are looking at maybe having a new affiliation. One of the things that I really don’t want to let go is the various things that the Cooperative Program feeds in too.

  • I was “at” the shapevine interview today – not really anything exciting to report. It was in fact a bit odd for me because I didn’t know he was Acts 29 and being a woman in a “church planting” discussion with an a29 guy made me feel a bit like a spy hehehe…the lone female heretic church planter.
    anyway, some folks tried to get darrin to talk more about the MSC situation but they moved on to church planting stuff.
    all in all not very enlightening for someone who’s been church planting now for just as many years but in a VERY VERY different context and as a woman.

  • darrin patrick says:

    Thanks for hanging out with us at Shapevine. We may disagree on some secondary issues, but you are my sister.
    May Jesus bless you and your ministry

  • indeed. thanks Darrin. I wish we would have had more time and fewer distractions to hear more of your experiences with church planting in general…and maybe you could have said “guys” less…. 😉

  • Burly says:

    Makeesha –
    “Guys” is Midwestern for “Y’all.” I don’t like it, but I’m in the Midwest. You may be correct, however, that he was only addressing men depending on the context. I guess he was here, so he could clarify, but I think St. Louis fits the Midwestern “guys” language. He was being “intelligible/incarnational/missional” to the Midwestern listener, right? Heh, heh.

  • Lance Ford says:

    First-Thanks Andrew for posting so quickly on the Darrin Patrick Interview…also, Sorry about the Goose-that-got-away! Bummer Dude…but good for the Goose.
    Makeesha-As Burly said, the “Guys” thing is really not gender specific around here. I know that I use it all the time (wish I didn’t), but I absolutely include gals in my mind when I use it.

  • I don’t think so, I’m a midwester and I know when “guys” is referring to “y’all” and when it’s referring to “guys” – – in the context Darrin was using it, he was referring to males. He also used “men” a lot and I’m pretty sure that’s not referring to the human race.
    I was just teasing anyway, I fully expect him to only speak to men when talking about church planting since he is part of a network that only allows men to lead in that capacity (I just didn’t know that he was a29).
    But it’s a valid tip I think and worth considering for those speaking on shapevine when women leaders are very likely to be listening 🙂 I respect that a29 has their own guidelines for stuff…I actually don’t like a29 for LOTS of reasons, not the least of which is their position on women but I can still glean from a29 folks, but it’s hard when everything is said to men and there isn’t a disclaimer in advance. Think about being a man and being in a setting where everyone is referred to as “gals” or “ladies” or “women”….ya know?
    anyway, just a bit of insight from the spy in your midst 😉

  • andrew says:

    thanks you guys for all your comments – that includes you Makeesha.
    busy traveling right now and cant stay on the conversation. sorry darrin i didnt make it to the session.

  • darrin patrick says:

    Totally get what you are saying.
    I will be more careful next time and give better disclaimers.
    Thanks for your graciousness.
    Andrew, thanks for all you do

  • LOL…thanks for clarifying Andrew – does anyone outside of America regularly use “guys” to reference groups of people regardless of gender? just curious

  • Steve Cramb says:

    The whole world speaks Americn, Makeesha. But like you say, the context reveals what’s meant. “Guys” in Queensland, Australia might mean men (though we might use “blokes” to emphasize that point – guys is male without being masculine) but might also mean “a group of people of either sex.”
    On the original issue – there’s a decent Baptist vinyard and winary locally with a Gold Medal red. I wonder how the SBC would cope with THAT?

  • Hey Andrew, I wandered onto your blog and couldn’t help notice this article, seeing as how I was at the Journey just a few days ago. My brother and another of my good friends works at the church. This is definitely an interesting issue, but I must say that I was not aware the journey was a Baptist church. I know that one of their campuses meets in a Baptist church, but I was unaware of an official Baptist connection. They are an Acts 29 church, and they are reformed theologically, but this is news to me.

  • Greg M. says:

    In Spanish we refer to a group of all-male students as “Los Estudiantes” and a group of all-female students as “Las Estudiantes” however if you have 999 female students and only one male student then Spanish would defer to the group of 1,000 students as “LOS Estudiantes.” Interesting, huh?

  • Bryan Riley says:

    Just a note to let you know we will be back in Nuneaton for the first half of 2008. I still hope we can connect. We will be at the King’s Lodge YWAM base again as staffers this time.

  • hmm. steve mentions a “decent Baptist vinyard and winary” that won an award. i am working on an postmodern intertextually linguistic theory (somewhat cross-pollinated with gnostic stoicism, perhaps) that explains why in the Hebrew Scriptures, it was okay for God-followers to have vinyards and such, yet apparently not for those of us post-resurrection. if you will examine the word “decent,” which was the standard for vinyards in Christ’s time and before, split it apart, and add AD (for post-resurrection), what was once “decent” is now “decADent.” and thus, to be “good”/”nice” AD discipleship, wine would be decadent. hence, no wining allowed.
    at least, that’s my theory. or should i say, the theory i’m working on.
    … okay, well someone has to work up a reasonable academic theory that “logically” explains a tee-totaler theology that is CLEARLY contrary to scripture. unless of course, all Baptists and other forms of tee-totalers needs be go the entire way into this and take the full Nazarite vow …

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