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Typepad is no longer the best looking blogging platform. It hasnt been for a long time. You may have noticed that i cleaned up my blog last month and for the past few weeks i have roadtested some new templates with Typepad. I dont know what it is but Typepad templates are not even half as good looking as their equivalents in wordpress. Needless to say, I have scrapped them all and gone back to a basic template with access to the html code. They way i have been doing it for the last 4 years. Not as fancy, but i do like a clean look. Expect me to start loading up a few goodies over the next few weeks.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Why not just switch to WordPress?

  • gavin says:

    i’ve opted for a simple template myself.

  • chad says:

    Cause there are way to many archived posts here…..
    Andrew, I feel you with the typepad not keeping up with the way things are looking now. I has been around a year since I just using the custom template option.
    But I really have dug the last few looks you have had here, so keep on going.

  • RobH says:

    WordPress has the ability to import posts from other blog platforms, though I haven’t actually tried this. In fact, I don’t even have a blog myself (burn him!!!).

  • Mark says:

    I agree, I like Typepad… but the Templates aren’t good… thank goodness for the advanced edit function! Personally, I always liked your monthly banner photo!

  • I would be tempted to lose the Blogrush widget which is kind of slow loading many days and I find it quite unattractive. Then again, many of us are reading via RSS so design matters less and less.

  • andrew says:

    thanks jordon – i will lose it as you say – i have noticed it taking too much time.
    why dont i switch to wordpress – becuase this blog has really good cred that has taken a long time to build up. and i actually have a wordpress blog with another name that i might spend more time on.

  • Jon Reid says:

    Andrew, how did you cross-post this entry in shapevine?

  • andrew says:

    hi jon.
    funny you should turn up because you complained about my blog colors many years ago – when i made a bad html mistake.
    dont know about cross-posting. are they picking up my rss feed?

  • Ah yes, makes sense. I didn’t notice that you aren’t hosting on your own domain.
    I wonder if there is a way to make this addy redirect to a new one (i.e. if you ran your blog from http://www.tallskinnykiwi.com/blog)

  • Jon Reid says:

    Andrew, are you renowned for your memory? My archives suggest that it was 4 and a half years ago!
    On shapevine, I’m looking at http://www.shapevine.com/andrewj/weblog/ and wondering how you did it. When I log in and click on “Your Blog” it just says “You currently don’t have any weblog”.

  • andrew says:

    jon – i just saw it on shapevine. i guess i really dont have my own blog anymore
    michael – i tried domain mapping as you suggested and it worked but i lost all my google authority and links so i went back to the way it was.
    drama of domain mapping here LINK

  • DJ Hygiene says:

    Oh the nerdiness… I can so relate.
    I’ve never used TypePad, I’ve always been on WordPress. I love it, but being a web designer it can be limited. Then again, it’s a blog, isn’t it?

  • jason77 says:

    looks are not everything, this is one of my favorite blogs and is a daily read for me, and it has to do with the content…it could be a blank page with only the post and I would still drop in daily..
    that said I know a graphic designer who could use some work..his blog is here

  • Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

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