Blogger’s Choice Awards

As you know, this blog was nominated for two awards in the Bloggers Choice Awards. The Best Religion Blog and the Best Blog of All Time.

And the winners were . . . NOT I had a lot of votes for Best Religion Blog and got a few votes for Best Blog of All Time but for some unknown reason, those votes have all disappeared. I have informed the management in case any of you decide to go postal on them.

(UPDATE: they got back to me and told me they have rolled all they results back to zero for 2008 competition. Fair enough)

Hey – It was nice to be nominated and nice to be thought of and it was nice of you to vote for me. But NOT NICE ENOUGH to win an award. Actually, to tell the truth, I took the badges off a while ago when i went through a dark night of the blogging soul and was thinking of stopping this blog. Anyway, enough groveling and grumbling . . .

Bca Badge Bestreligionblog

The finalists for the Top 3 Religion Blogs, who kicked my butt because they have better blogs [and more enthusiastic supporters] than me . . and the envelope please . . .

. . . please note they are all Catholic blogs which gives them the advantage because, as everyone knows, Catholics get along with each other and even VOTE for each other while Protestants have the spiritual gift of seeing why each other does not belong in the room . . . and thus reserving or removing their votes . . .. but here they are . . . –What Does the Prayer Really Say which is an OK blog but not highly original. which again is an OK blog, started only last year but has already got over 300k visitors.

Americanpapist.Com/blog.html – Now thats more like it. Dynamic, fun, multi-media blog thats takes on hard issues. Thomas Peters has the better blog of the three Catholic bloggers and probably deserves to take the prize this year.

Bca Badge Blogofalltime

And the finalists for the Top 3 Best Blogs of All Time are: – nice clean sharp and personal. and i like her little header gallery. i need to get me one of those for all my monthly headers. – also a clean, uncluttered (compared to mine) blog and is also a female blogger. – more of a media download and viewing site. I am not sure how this made the cut unless they had a lot of people send in votes for them. Where is the BLOG?

Anyway, lets see how they all do at the final.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Ben says:

    well I voted for you and didn’t remove my own.
    I like the overall winners; especially like how there whole life blogs, not single issue ones.
    American Papist looks interesting too.
    Great redesign btw just seen it.

  • hehehe, I voted for u to. It’s an interesting reminder though as a Protestant how big the Catholic Church is and how much influence it carries having three out of three Catholic Blogs coming out tops. I think sometimes as Protestants we have Catholisism in our blind spot. I was surprised to hear at a recent lecture that the 5 largest Church attendences in new Zealand are all Catholic Churches and I had not heard of any of them!
    Love the new look and new life of you blog !

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