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The good people at have me know that a beta version of their Bible Study tools is now available online at Apparently you can customize your Bible, write notes, and highlight it with colors which means that some of my ├╝ber-reformed friends can now create their own Red Letter Version of the Bible by highlighting the word of the Apostle Paul in RED.

On the negative, apart from not finding a Greek or Hebrew text of the Bible . . . [HINT HINT] . . . I had to wade through that familiar brown and burgundy colored interface with its soccer-mum-evangelical-driving-dodge-minivan to the precious-jesus-christian-bookstore vibe but hey . . . maybe that color palette will hit the right target group.

On the positive, Bible Study Tools is easy to use and FREE and its good to see NIV version as one of the 26 Bible translations on offer. The many daily devotional sites, including one for dieters, are handy but no RSS feeds to pop into your News Reader. Not yet, anyway. And did I say it was FREE?

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  • David says:

    I have just moved into leadership of a a 38 year old bible study ministry. We are in 150 countries and 70 languages – but I feel as if we are missing the next generation. What help would you share for a 40 year old “heir-apparent” of a bible study ministry?

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