The UnConference


That rude Brother Maynard reflects on last week’s UnConference and accuses me (left) of looking tired from either carousing or praying. Ahhh . . more like flying across the world and screwing up my body clock.


Andrew Jones has been blogging since 1997. He is based in San Francisco with his two daughters but also travels the globe to find compelling stories of early stage entrepreneurs changing their world. Sometimes he talks in the third person. Sometimes he even talks to himself and has been heard uttering the name "Precious" :-)


  • (The CyberGremlin is after me…third time is either a charm or I’m out!)
    Andrew…I think it was a mix of all those, eh? He could have pointed his camera in any direction in that room and come out with basically the same shot!
    I didn’t have jet lag, but I didn’t get to sleep before midnight in five days–and that’s deadly for this old sleep-deprived Abbess….the Lord was there with us, however, lending his strength in our weakness, eh?

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