Nothing much going on with me.

Same old stuff. Too boring to blog it all but heres the skinny. I am in Oxford for a few days. Having good meetings with Church Mission Society and the gang. Last night I stayed at Stephen and Alice Lawhead’s house – great hosts!! Stephen is an author of Celtic fiction and a book I read a long time ago called Byzantium.

London tomorrow and then back to Orkney before heading off this weekend to (I think) Budapest and then Seabeck, WA and maybe San Francisco on the way home. If anything interesting happens, I might blog it, but as you can see, I don’t have much blogging energy right now.


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  • Hi Andrew,
    Glad you had the opportunity to stay with the Lawheads: he really does write some enjoyable stuff (for your rare boring moments) and I think I’ve read them all. Come to think of it I have some spare copies and looking at your travelling schedule we could be just the next ‘bus-stop’ along. Why not drop in here too and pick them up? 🙂

  • My wife is gonna be soo jealous when she hears–Mr. Lawhead is one of her favorite living fantasy novelists–if you’re reading this, sir, she’s enjoying the King Raven Trilogy!

  • I guess the most interesting thing then is why so many of us have so little blogging energy at the moment? Thoughts? Hope you’re well.

  • Have you ever gone to the Brid and the Baby Pub? I want to go to Oxford and go have a pint there in honor of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

  • “bears start there wintersleep very soon!” I wanted to write that on my new iPod, but it would not work. Well, maybe I just bought some fancy chunk!? Movies look great on it. Finally I actually can see something! But to your no-power-blogging: I am not sure, but think to here our MAKER in this way, to rethink our networks: Do we connect the people with each other? Ore do we link ourselfs to them? What is the substance in our apostolic pilgimages? Where to go and where to be held back by the holy spirit? What does our people help to serve each other and in the communitys? Well, after all this waiting on the lord, the last couple of month, I am almost ready to say: I can’t do anything! Lord give me a mandate!

  • Hey dude K8 here…. why not make a NC stop and get lavished on for a while??? Betcha with some bodywork.. you could be a few inches taller!- anyway – offer is there…. Just did the last batch of Pesto with the basil- so timing is good for some yummies…
    xo k8

  • Hi Andrew! Budapest??? Ecpn? Would you trust me with a(nother) great Hungarian restaurant or some home-made dishes? cell: +36 twenty 9734462 would love to see you. Say hello to your family for me pls.

  • hey gabi – i cant come to budapest because i have to leave early tomorrow for seattle. would have been nice though – next time!!!
    say hi to lee and the boys for me.

  • Heading up the Left Coast of the U.S.
    Please let me know if you are coming down to San Francisco. I’ll find a way to meet you.

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