Liturgy: Set Sail

Some of you at last weeks Allelon conference on Mission Orders were asking about the liturgy I led. It was called Set Sail and it was originally written by Mark Berry of the Safe Space neo-monastic community in Telford, England. A PDF of Set Sail (thanks Mark) is available free of charge and it includes the prayers I read out from Sir Francis Drake and St Brendan. You can hear Mark reading it out with music backing here. If you want the whole book with all the other liturgies, then sign up to Proost and you’ll be bloody-well rolling in resources.

For the responsary prayer, Jonny Baker used these videos when he led the liturgy at a Church Mission Society meeting a week ago. I used the same videos inside the Arkaos VJ program but added an old movie effect to the geese for the reading of the liturgy and I used the fire video with a random effect and the words “Wild Blows The Wind of the Spirit” overlayed. Not sure where Jonny got the videos – ask him. I uploaded a sample of the video backing here but it came out much faster than how it was presented – please slow it down if you use it.

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