Michael Lindsay and Gandhi in the blogs

Some blog series on politics, power and peace that you should know about.

– Rebecca Ford of the Oxford UP blog informs me that Michael Lindsay has started to post on an interesting subject – evangelicals in power, Michael is the author of Faith in the Halls of Power and his blog series might be worth following. First post called Introductions: Michael Lindsay, Karen Hughes and America.

– Another series from Jarrod McKenna, winner of a Quaker Peace Award, who is writing on the influence of Gandhi from an evangelical perspective. Jarrod offered to post them here on TallSkinnyKiwi each week but Andrew Hamilton beat me to it. Andrew is now hosting the “Wednesday with Gandhi” series from his Backyard Missionary blog – which has been resurrected to life again after a 6 month blog fast. Check it out:


‘Go Ye’ and Gandhi

Ganhdi and the Prosperity Gospel


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