Cant tell you, yet

Transition Week for me.

– My laptop is in the shop but it will be a clean start when it comes back with a new hard drive.

– I am upgrading my responsibilities and getting more organized for 2008. Growing up, maybe.

– I am pulling out of something dear to me but have not done it, nor informed the right people yet. so I cant tell you yet. Its really hard – like leaving a lover – and I am trying to do it well. Pray for me.

– Everything Must Change, by Brian McLaren. I want to hold off on my review of this book to check some things out to make sure i am on target with the issues that worry me. Sorry. I also don’t have time for the conversation on the blogs on this topic since i am leaving tomorrow on a trip. Maybe next week.

– Debbie’s pottery business has a name – but cant tell you that yet either.

– I can tell you this: Jake Bouma has a satirical post entitled “Everything I need to know I learned from the emerging church” and i told him i would blog it here.


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