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Having been asked to write a white paper on SEO (search engine optimization) for some mission organizations, I have been putting down some thoughts as a continuation of my blog post called 15 Blogging Tips for 2007.

BlogrushIn the midst of this process, a new service called BlogRush launched on Sep 14th and has made Technorati’s Most Popular List for the past few days. Its still a little buggy but seems worth putting on your blog, especially if it generates some more traffic.

In 2002 I snatched the RSS feed from Moreover Technologies and had the only blog on the block with is own news service that updated continually. Its still there, with its java script looking a little worse for wear, but having a news feed is not really a big deal anymore. Lots of blogs have news feeds and topic specific feeds from other blogs. Blogrush, like other RSS fed widgets, is like that but its a little smarter. It sees who clicks on your blogpost headline and it also sees from whom that widget came from. Even better, Blogrush counts these factors and gives you credit, which allows your posts to make an appearance in the widgets of many, many more bloggers.

Picture 2

The video is worth watching if you want to understand the system.

It sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme for blogs and one that rewards the big hitters – to those who have much, much more shall be given. [Andy Beard disagrees] But it also seems more intelligent than previous models so i am roadtesting it here for a bit. Especially since it claims to increase traffic and that is the subject of my white paper.

And if you want to try Blogrush, then sign up for a free one and stick the code on your blog (lemme know if you need help). That will make you my BlogRush child and your children will be my BlogRush grandchildren, and so on, until the tenth generation. And I will be a BlogRush Abraham. YEEEEEE HAAAAA!!!!!

“I’m the king of the castle . . nah nah nah nah nah nah!”

As usual, my friend Darren at Problogger has the skinny on using BlogRush. He recommends:

1. Optimizing Your Title (use your 40 characters wisely)

2. Choosing the right category (and perhaps swapping them occasionally)

3. Promoting it early (which i am doing right now)

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • brodie says:

    Andrew – seems like a goot tool, but my experiance so far is that their site keeps crashing!

  • Andy Beard says:

    It is probably safer to use the specific referral link provided within the Blogrush interface rather than the links generated in the code.
    I did actually refer to the pyramid or matrix in that article, but the interesting thing will be how Blogrush decide to allocate the credits above the matrix of which currently there is a lot of.
    Blogs which don’t seem to even have any content or readers seem to be appearing on the widget, which suggests that those credits are being distributed very evenly over the membership.
    Those credits would probably prove insignificant for one of the large blogs, but for a smaller blog it will help a lot more.

  • Andrew,
    I liken it more to Amway than a proper Pyramid. The latter suggest John Reese is trying to shaft people somehow, and I’m convinced he’s trying to create something valueable.
    I just think it may well favour the few at the top too much, nonetheless.

  • andrew says:

    and those who blog in the English language.

  • joe says:

    i have a question. is there a way to add keywords or tags to blogrush? i added it to mine, but i cant tell if the filter is for filtring out or in. do you happen to know?

  • Jimmy_C says:

    I have added it and will keep tabs for a week or so. It could be good, but will it not add the blogs read the most first??

  • Johnny Laird says:

    I’ll give it a try & see what happens.

  • Greg Johnson says:

    I added it to my blog!

  • MaxBlogPress says:

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    This allows you to control what you want to display in BlogRush. You can even write alternate – short and catchy title just for BlogRush.
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