Leaving for South France

France. Packing up. This is our Tipi and car.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mike says:

    Have a great trip.
    Maybe I am behind the times but I just notice Hamo (Back yard missionary) is blogging again.

  • LoL… i heard it’s hot there! I’m on the wall for you guys… xoxo K8

  • Joe Kennedy says:

    Andrew, looks like you’ve got a lot of spam to catch up on when you get back. I pray the trip has gone well and you are all having a great time.

  • Steve says:

    Was reading this and was wondering if still feel the same way and if you have yet to meet a real Apostle.
    I was thinking that their is another way to look at the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Another reference to the foundation is the foundation of repentance which was the foundational teaching of the apostles and the prophets.
    So one might say that the church is build on the foundation of repentance, or on the foundation of their teachings and also their example of good works in keeping with repentance.
    I did not see a place for sending email so I thought I would post something here
    From the Hand of God alone!

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