Posters for Patriots of the Old Modern Way

These posters from Nic and Josh are also quite funny.


Nic and Josh were in my Happy Hour last night. I invited them because they are some of the very few people I know who do a podcast worth subscribing to. And over 150,000 subscribers agree with me. Its called the Nic and Josh Podcast and I was very honored to be their guest last year while in USA.

Nic and Josh and our group were discussing the Pyromaniac posters on the emerging church and I guess they have created a few responses IN KIND. See them here at Josh’s blog.

If you like these posters, keep reading to see some more. And if you might also be amused by yet another anti-Emerging Church article called . . .and I am not lying . . .

Why Al Queda Supports the Emergent Church by Frank Pastore.

[edit: i removed link to this article at request of R.S. and i should add that that article has no connection at all with Pyromaniacs]




Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Tim says:

    I’ve never commented on yr blog before, but have to say that it is a very valuable resource to so many people. Much, much thanks.
    As for the current poster-fest, I read a quote by Spinoza recently which seemed very apt, whichever posters one would choose to have on their wall: “The wisdom of others comes alive when it is regarded neither with derision nor with lamentation nor detestation, but with understanding.”

  • Thanks for the love there, Josh did these. . . . I should say my new blog address is
    I know people follow your links pretty heavily. . . just wanted to point it out. Thanks for hosting a happy hour.

  • chad says:

    The Happy Hour was great (after I figured out how to sign in).
    Myself, I have to try real hard not to always be sarcastic about what I don’t agree with.
    Whenever I have butted heads with reformed folk (like the guys at pyromaniac) I am always amazed at the amount of anger that is inside of our conversations. I have some reformed friends that I love dearly and are not like this, but it seems as though most of the ones I meet around the internet are like this.
    I am going to stop before I dig a hole, but what part of our life with God tells us it is ok to just rip apart other Christians?

  • he,he,he thats funny 🙂

  • The Scylding says:

    I have a nagging suspicion that the amount of anger in some people is proportional to the amount of angst they experience about how correct their view actually is. No matter how often it is said, people have a difficult time in remembering that we are saved by faith in Christ, not faith in a proposition about Christ. Right understanding is no guarentee of salvation.

  • Chad: “Whenever I have butted heads with reformed folk (like the guys at pyromaniac) I am always amazed at the amount of anger that is inside of our conversations.”
    I’m not sure what you are referring to, Chad. I can’t find any comments you have ever made at our blog, angry or otherwise. But if you are aware of an instance where I (or my blogpartners) have been sinfully angry in our posts or comments, please point it out and I’ll publish an apology.
    At PyroManiacs we do tend to be a pretty adamant and not very malleable when it comes to our doctrinal convictions. But I think a fair reading of our blog would reveal that we’re not characteristically “angry.” In fact, if we have a besetting sin, it probably lies in a totally different direction, because we do employ generous doses of sarcasm, satire, and other hard-edged forms of humor. That’s not aimed only in Brian McLaren’s direction, either. We’ve been known to rile fundies and worldly evangelicals with our posts and pictures, too.
    Still, in the comment-threads about the satirical posters, there was barely a tincture of “anger” expressed, and that came moslt from one or two Friends of Emergent whose feelings were hurt about being parodied.
    But to portray us as angry isn’t fair, dude. Persistent, unbending, even obdurate—OK. But angry? You need to read our blog more often.

  • i agree with you Phillip… i didn’t sense anger, but what i did sense was judgement…. so i was wondering about the heart intent part of all of it. Don’t get me wrong – some of them i really found funny…. just bent a bit toward the religious spirit… with a touch of fear factor there. Not that i got it down right.. but i’ll take His perfect Love that casts out fear… any day…… no matter what side of the fence that fear wants to venture.
    ps- andrew, it was fun… and glad i was out of work so i could show up..!!!! LOL….. There is redemption!!!
    shalom to the deepest places, xo K8

  • andrew jones says:

    if there was anger there, the pyromaniac images would be pointing to stupid things we have all blogged when half asleep and not thinking straight. instead they point to decent posts we have written that have some acceptance in our worlds. i really dont see anger on the pyros side or from nic and josh in their response.

  • Richard Sudworth says:

    Skinny: I couldn’t help but connect onto the link about al-queda and the emerging church. As a Christian living and working with Muslims that post is deeply offensive. I know it’s part of the spectrum of voice out there but I just wonder whether you ought to be giving it air-time. Tough call of judgment but the lack of theology, gross misunderstanding of Islam and arrogant and destructive tone call add up to a nasty brew. Please don’t point people towards this stuff!

  • andrew jones says:

    ok richard. i am removing the hypertext link to it but will leave the text.

  • josh says:

    for realz yo.
    it’s all in good fun. i wasn’t mad when i designed them. just having a good laugh. christians sure do like to take themselves seriously sometimes.

  • ouch i read the link…. that article was pretty harsh…. agreed Richard with the destructive tone… ect… ect.. I wish the guy who wrote it spent the same amount of energy in ways to love people into the Kingdom.
    shalom, cathryn

  • robbymac says:

    hey, have you seen the ones that Emerging Grace came up with? A HUGE improvement on the typical Pyro-slams!

  • Mike says:

    Very Funny. I the team Pyro ones were a little better.
    Isn’t it cool that we can all have a good laugh at ourselves.

  • Mark says:

    Mike, I wish… unfortunatley this is more about laughing at others… not that I think there is anything wrong with satire… the Door has always done that pretty well… I just didn’t think these where that satirical or well done, just obvious and pretty childish (or just plain stupid e.g. the Narrative Theology one)… TBH they just reinforce the same prejudices and mis-readings.

  • The Way I Am says:

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  • Laura says:

    I found the pyro ones to be pretty funny and creative. Didn’t see any anger in them, just a bit of poking fun.
    Except for the scary clown one. That was just plain old creepy. 😉

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