Happy Hour – Thanks Everyone!!!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for coming and participating. great time with you, despite the hiccups

Original: Hey – this will be my very first video cafe so its sure to go embarrassingly wrong but I invite you to be a part of it anyway. One hour together, as I announced a few months ago. I will have some guests live on video and i might be playing a few vids as well. The theme will be new media and internet based communities/ministries.

Thanks to the programing genuis of the Shapevine Crew, I will be narrowcasting from the Global Christian Internet Alliance meeting in Berlin. This is a gathering of about 60 key players in the world of internet portals and Christian websites around the world. The alliance has been growing since its inception in 2001 with the encouragement of Christianity Today. Its quite an appropriate place to kick off my Happy Hour which, if it doesnt TOTALLY SUCK, might become a monthly feature of this blog. We will do this today, Wednesday July 25th at exactly 7pm German time. Check out the clock below to get your times right or go to world time server and get your city timed up with me.


And yes, Dr Jackson, you are invited.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Jimmy_C says:

    Oh my, seeing the face in photos is one thing, but when you add the voice and the accent…scary…scary…just scary. I’ll take a CherryBomb Matinee.

  • brad says:

    Awesome, is that the Dating Game theme song?

  • neil says:

    looking forward to it

  • Ok, AJ, I am willing but I do not think I have the tech stuff needed. So, if you want me on you will have to contact me and see I things can work. Thanks for the invitation.

  • anneleen says:

    hi andrew,
    was just remembering the homebrew and mussels in your kitchen in stromness – that was a great day! hope you are having fun in berlin – that’s one of my favourite cities so far…

  • whitney says:

    this sound really cool. Will it be something that can be replayed at the viewers leisure?

  • andrew jones says:

    yes -and this one will be free. but more fun to watch it live.

  • douglas says:

    Ok it is over 7 pm Berlin time and I can’t find the webcast on Shapevine and yes I am logged in.
    Can you help me out here?

  • SImon says:

    Same here, but the Shapevine-guys had some trouble last time as well, so maybe we need some time …

  • andrew says:

    sorry – problems finding my video cam. time pushed forward 2 hours.

  • chad says:

    great…..now I can watch it in real time.

  • + simonas says:

    OK, so when do we get to see this emergent star? 🙂

  • Heidi C says:

    I enjoyed the cafe, even with all the bugs. Looking forward to the next one when I won’t be in NZ and have to be up at 5am.

  • + simonas says:

    Yeah, the beta was quite good. Looking forward to 1.0, and just imagine what 2.0 will be. 🙂

  • Rob Grayson says:

    Tried to get onto the live webcast, but once I logged into shapevine nothing happened, and I couldn’t find any links or options to take me to it.
    Thought I’d have a look at it this morning, but still get the same response when I go to shapevine – can’t seem to find anywhere on the site that takes me to a place where I can watch previous webcasts.
    Any tips?

  • andrew jones says:

    Rob – there was a lot of difficulties last night, which is a shame because its an excellent platform and has already been used well.
    if things went differently, there would have been a lot more faces and voices on video, my video would play inside the program etc.
    next time?

  • Rob Grayson says:

    Thanks Andrew – will certainly look out for next time!

  • Isaiah says:

    Why no more?

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