Amazing Grace meets Emerging Church

Jonny Baker interviewed on the Allelon site today. Podcast and everything. Jonny is flying into Orkney this morning with some others from CMS and I am just going to the airport to pick them up. When i get a chance, I will listen to the podcast of Jonny interviewed by Alan Roxburgh but in the meantime, I get to enjoy Jonny in person.


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  • Hey heads up… i’m praying for you dear one…. things are shifting … at a fast pace… but “run the drill” and pull out the crisco….. it sticks better than oil… keep in mind that your more “seen” now…. and that takes recon.!!
    tap in i have stuff.. love you

  • hey are you on Mac or PC… my skype
    says your on pc… let me know.
    xo K8

  • Hello from the east coast of Georgia!
    Watched Johnny’s podcast and it was great! Love his heart for the Anglican Church and his hope that here in the US the emergent and mainline folks can learn to hear each other and move forward. Also great to finally hear from You and what’s happening in the Islands. Thanks for your efforts to engage what God is doing!

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