Larry Wall: Apostle to the Hackers

In an interview with Eric Davis, Larry Wall, creator of Perl scripting language, speaks out on why he didnt become a missionary after language training with SIL.

“It turns out that I am allergic to a lot of things: seafood, wheat, eggs, tomatoes. People who are working out in the field can’t afford to be picky about what they are eating. But the training that I got was invaluable for what I was going to do later. I just didn’t know it at the time. A couple of years back I got email from somebody who was working at Wycliffe and didn’t know that I had been affiliated with them. He said, “By the way, we use Perl for all sorts of things here.” I wrote back to him and said, “You really made my day. No, you made my life.”

But in a sense I am still a missionary. I kind of consider myself an apostle to the hackers.” Larry Wall

Scary2-2Well, Larry, you may not have not made it overseas but your geekage has gone global and we SALUTE YOU!! My Macintosh salutes you! And for what its worth Larry, I know you never got to be a real missionary . . . but wearing that shirt makes you LOOK like a missionary to me.

Can I get a witness?

Read the Slashdot interview with Larry on Perl, Relgion . . .(HT: Mark Reichmann)

Also read Larry’s thoughts on Perl as the world’s first POSTMODERN computer language.


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  • I love it when God does stuff like that. It must have been very disappointing when he trained to be a occupational missionary and that fell through, only later to find out that God had other big plans for him. Amazing!

  • Geektastic!
    The (lengthy) discussion on the slashdot thread (what I read of it) is interesting, although a lot of it does seem to display the fingers-in-ears la-la-la approach such things normally descend into (at least online).
    Thanks for pointing these articles up.

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