3 TV Commercials Worth Watching

Commercials that rock.:

This Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial (1970) called “Hugo and Holly” was my family’s favourite which i was young. I think it was KFC’s first commercial in Australia and New Zealand. I really must tell you the story of when Dad met Colonel Sanders – save that for another time.

Well, now I have my own family and we have our own favourites. Funniest one this year in Scotland is Iron Bru’s Goth Holiday. Its a big hit with my daughters.

But the best commerical on our tv right now is Skoda’s Fabia cake-car. Absolutely YUMMY!


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  • Great commercials!

  • Rodney Olsen says:

    Brilliant. You know, all these years later I could still remember the full ‘Hugo and Holly’ jingle. Great to be able to see the ad again.
    Of course it shows how times have changed. Can you imagine a fast food outlet advertising with fat kids these days, even if they are in cartoon form?

  • Ben says:

    At least the kids are accurately round, for folks who think a whole bucket of chicken is a car ride snack.

  • Laura says:

    Those are awesome, especially the goth iced tea commercial: priceless.

  • bryan riley says:

    Oh how i love the Sound of Music. Great commercial.
    As for Kentucky Fried Chicken, notice how long ago they moved to KFC and tried to distance from the term “fried.” It is funny how the kids look!

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