Helen J Hicks and her new single


iTunes release of the single “Love’s Not for Sale” by blues/jazz singer Helen J Hicks. Profits go towards fighting human trafficking. Last week I saw Helen perform a fantastic set at a London club where she released her excellent new album [buy it on Amazon] on her LoudMouthMusic label. I took some video of ‘Love’s Not for Sale’. Here it is.

Afterwards, Helen and James joined our group for dinner. Delightful couple. I told Helen she sounded a little like Nora Jones – hope that wasn’t an insult.

Helen J Hicks, like every musician on the planet, is also on Myspace

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  • Thanks for the heads up to Helen’s music, Andrew, and for posting the video you took of her performance. Great stuff! And I wouldn’t think a comparison with Nora would be an insult :-).

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