Virtual Conversations and Monastic Islands

Virtual Conversations and Monastic Islands is a netcast on the Allelon site between Alan Roxburgh and myself that Bill Kinnon pulled off when I was in Montreal last month. Alan has been a SUPERSTAR thinker and has helped many of us shape our thoughts and strategies. It was a real honor to have this chat with him [i’m not worthy]. Nice to meet the infamous Bill Kinnon also. I will listen to the netcast when i get a few moments. Off to paint the boat right now.

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  • Interesting interview – the spiel around the podcast is also well worth reading I thought – the whole section on being grounded in a local community and then going out, crystallised for me some of the thoughts I had about worshipping where I do currently – versus people I know who seem to all travel into the Centre of London. Though obviously a lot of those churches have local house church structures also.
    One more random thought. People’s involvement in new monasticism will vary across an entire spectrum. So what would a Third Order of missional look like? 🙂

  • The pleasure was mine. Only wish we could have caught up in London, as well.
    The audio will also be up at the iTunes store shortly as a free podcast (search Alan Roxburgh). The m4a file includes graphics and weblinks. (I just love technology.)
    Have fun painting the boat.

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